Raising awareness of prosopagnosia and unveiling an online treatment programme

Researchers John Towler and Jodie Davies-Thomson at Swansea University were recently featured in the national media for their work on prosopagnosia, or face blindness.

Individuals with prosopagnosia find it difficult to recognise people’s faces – sometimes including their closest friends and family. The condition is surprisingly common and perhaps one in 50 people has a developmental form of this condition. View this video, which depicts Boo James, a woman with prosopagnosia, and explores her experience of the condition. John Towler and Jodie Davies-Thompson briefly explain prosopagnosia from a scientific perspective and their plans to treat the disorder using an online training programme that they have developed.

If you think that you have trouble recognising faces, please contact the team at Swansea, to be involved in this research.

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