Joseph LeDoux will visit Wales to present a keynote at the 10th European Meeting on Human Fear Conditioning in April 2018

The conference organisers from Swansea University have announced that the keynote speakers at the upcoming meeting (Apr 16-18) will be Joseph LeDoux from New York University and Joseph Dunsmoor from the University of Texas Austin. Day tickets and more information about the event are available on the conference website:

10th European Meeting on Human Fear Conditioning

Joseph LeDoux is the Henry and Lucy Moses Professor of Science at NYU in the Center for Neural Science, and he directs the Emotional Brain Institute of NYU and the Nathan Kline Institute. He also a Professor of Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at NYU Langone Medical School. His work is focused on the brain mechanisms of memory and emotion and he is the author of The Emotional Brain, Synaptic Self, and Anxious. LeDoux has received a number of awards, including William James Award from the Association for Psychological Science, the Karl Spencer Lashley Award from the American Philosophical Society, the Fyssen International Prize in Cognitive Science, Jean Louis Signoret Prize of the IPSEN Foundation, the Santiago Grisolia Prize, the American Psychological Association Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award, and the American Psychological Association Donald O. Hebb Award. His book Anxious received the 2016 William James Book Award from the American Psychological Association. LeDoux is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the New York Academy of Sciences, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and a member of the National Academy of Sciences. He is also the lead singer and songwriter in the rock band, The Amygdaloids and performs with Colin Dempsey as the acoustic duo So We Are.

At the European Meeting on Human Fear Conditioning the latest research on fear, anxiety, and avoidance is presented by labs from 15 European countries. The conference will take place April 16th-18th at the Vale Resort hotel, near Cardiff.