Change Management Team

Change management at Swansea University involves the process of monitoring and assessing strategic change and its impact across the institution. It can involve people, culture, technology, infrastructure and the organisation of the University; and impacts on or is affected by the individual, team, change leaders and the organisation. 

The PSPU Change Management Team is responsible for leading two key aims of change management for the University:

  1. Deliver strategic change initiatives that are aligned to the University’s strategic aims and implementation plan with appropriate governance and change management plans
  2. To develop and embed the University’s change management framework, toolkit and processes, in consultation with the academic and professional service community, to build organisational capabilities and competencies

These aims are enabled by:

  • The PSPU change team being part of a wider change management community across campuses that are themselves responsible for change within colleges and professional service units
  • Increased awareness and professionalisation of change management through a flexible framework and associated processes
  • Building capabilities and competencies across the University, through accessible materials, training, development and practical project assurance
  • Supporting the people side of change through communications, engagement and advice to those managing and those affected by change to achieve the desired outcomes and benefits.

Major Strategic Change Projects:

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The Professional Services Review (PSR) The PSR is a transformational change project covering all professional service functions from across the University.


Research Excellence is one of the core themes of Swansea University Research and Innovation Strategy 2015-2020.


The STEP4Excellence programme aims to improve the experience of our students here at Swansea University by delivering an outstanding experience in all areas, informed by a spirit of student and staff partnership and collaboration.

Laboratory Space Project

The Laboratory Spaces Project seeks to make more efficient use of teaching laboratories within the University by exploring the potential for Colleges to share these facilities.  


The team are in the process of designing a Change Management Toolkit which will provide information, templates and tools to staff across the University on managing change.


The Culture and Values programme aims to develop and embed a set of shared values within the organisational culture.

Go Beyond 1 image

Go Beyond is a University wide initiative which is focussed on enhancing students learning experience, and equipping them with the personal and professional skills for a successful future.