Dr Fflur Dafydd’s Parch returns to S4C

The second series of Parch returns to S4C on Sunday 4 September and, according to Carys Eleri who portrays the main character Myfanwy, life has transformed dramatically for the confused, under pressure clergy since the last series.

Parch is written by Dr Fflur Dafydd, senior lecturer in creative writing at Swansea University, and boasts a stellar cast which includes Huw Davies, Wanda Opalinska, Rhys ap Hywel, Ifan Huw Dafydd, Aled Pedrick and Lowri Steffan.

"Myfanwy's life feels disjointed," says Carys, who's originally from Tumble, Gwendraeth Valley but now lives in Cardiff. "She's moved out of the vicarage she shared with Terwyn, her now estranged husband. Their lives have moved on, and she now lives on her own. It feels like someone's opened a suitcase and all the clothes have fallen out, and they've gone everywhere. Her life is in disarray."

Viewers will be enchanted by Myfanwy's efforts to understand and comprehend her new situation. Far from being a tear-jerking series, Parch is a warm hearted ending to the weekend.


The first series ended with Myfanwy at a crossroads in her life, she was between life and death after being treated for an aneurism on her brain. But she was also facing another crisis, as her feelings towards Eurig (Rhys ap Hywel) come to light, leaving her relationship with her husband Terwyn (Huw Davies) in ruins.

"I totally believe in Myfanwy's story, especially since some of my friends have had brain surgery. The side-effects of their operations affect them for the rest of their lives. It's not entirely negative, but they do have a different outlook and life philosophy after their illness," explains Carys, speaking about Parch, a drama produced by Paul Jones from TV company Boom Cymru.

Eurig was also facing a battle between life and death, after being involved in a car crash. But S4C viewers will have to wait to discover Eurig's fate.

But Myfanwy family situation has changed considerably since the last series: "Terwyn and Myfanwy are still married and Myfanwy's wedding ring is still on her finger, but they're in limbo. The children live with their dad, and she feels guilty about that. It’s such a huge step for her to be without her children, but after such a huge operation, she needs time just to think. She didn't reach the decision lightly."

She also has a new job: "She's now a community chaplain. It's a completely different role for her, and she feels more isolated. As vicar, Myfanwy preached to the converted, but as a community chaplain Myfanwy has to preach to the unconverted. It's a lonely time for her."

One of her jobs as chaplain is helping former prisoner Gethin in his rehabilitation in society. But helping Gethin does have its consequences.

"Gethin had been jailed for 15 years for very serious crimes ... And the story does become very dark. And in the end you don't know whether he's guilty or not."