University of Houston delegation visits Swansea University

As part of Swansea University’s Texas Strategic Partnership, a delegation of 13 academics from the University of Houston have visited Swansea University to discuss collaborations in teaching, research and student exchange, and to deliver a showcase of public guest lectures.

University of Houston visit The visit follows the success of the Swansea University Texas Research Showcase which took place in October 2014 when Swansea University researchers visited Texas to strengthen links with the University’s partner universities in the Lone Star state.

The delegation from the University of Houston, which included representatives from Law, Social Work, English, Engineering, Optometry, Medicine and Society, and Hispanic Studies, was welcomed to Swansea by Vice-Chancellor Professor Richard B Davies who said: “Active international links are critical in making Swansea the strong research intensive university it is and creating outstanding career and life-enhancing opportunities for our students.

“We have forged a strong relationship with the University of Houston and I am delighted to have been able to welcome this group to Swansea to discuss new collaborations that will benefit both staff and students in Swansea and Houston.”

The visit also included a programme of guest lectures where University of Houston academics showcased the latest research in their fields.

Professor Alan Dettlaff, Dean of the University of Houston’s Graduate College of Social Work (pictured above) spoke to an audience of academics, students and social workers on the needs of immigrant children in the welfare system.  He said: “I am delighted to have been able to meet with colleagues at Swansea University. Although the US welfare system is very different to that of the UK, our service users have similar needs, and the opportunity to discuss and share best practice with social work academics and practitioners at Swansea was of great benefit. 

“I have no doubt that new collaborations will emerge from our discussions and I look forward to pursuing them with colleagues at Swansea.”

University of Houston visit 2

The Texan delegation met over 60 academic staff from across the University as well as current Texas exchange students who shared their experiences of studying at Swansea (left). 

Joint degree programmes, new research collaborations and new student exchange opportunities are now planned which will further Swansea University’s links with Texas, its premier International Strategic Partnership.