Swansea University urges children at risk of Type-2 Diabetes to participate in major new project

Researchers at Swansea University are recruiting children in the South Wales area aged between 10 and 18 for participation in a potentially life-changing project to help prevent the possible development of Type-2 Diabetes in the future.

ENRICH-Swansea (Exercise and Nutrition Research In Child Health) operated through Swansea University’s Applied Sports Technology Exercise and Medicine Research Centre (A-STEM) is part of a wider European Study called PREVIEW which has received €9 million in funding from the EU and is being rolled out across eight universities globally. 

PhD student Nils Swindell, who works at A-STEM has been instrumental in setting up the program.  He said:  “The risk factors for Type-2 Diabetes develop during childhood and we are addressing these risk factors through ENRICH-Swansea.”

“The aim of the program is initially to assess children to see if they are at risk of developing Type-2 Diabetes in the future.  The program then offers guidance on increasing physical activity and eating a healthy diet to manage a healthy body weight and prevent the development of Type-2 Diabetes later in life.”

“We would urge anyone between 10 and 18 who may be concerned about their risk of developing Type-2 Diabetes to take part.  Risk factors include: a family history of Type-2 diabetes; being above a healthy weight and not getting enough exercise.” 

To find out more, or to participate in the project please contact Nils Swindell at Swansea University:  Email: 835228@swansea.ac.uk. Telephone: 07444 324 147. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/enrich.swansea.