Swansea physicists organise Royal Society International Scientific Seminar

Swansea Professors Gert Aarts and Chris Allton, of the College of Science's Physics Department, and Professor Christine Davies (Glasgow University) organise a Royal Society International Scientific Seminar at Chicheley Hall, home of the Kavli Royal Society International Centre, Milton Keynes.

The event, which will take place on 28/29 January 2015, is entitled "Heavy quarks: a continuing probe of the strong interaction" and will bring together 20 world-leading scientists from Europe, the USA and Asia.

For decades heavy quarks (charm and bottom quarks) have played a pivotal role in the understanding of the strong nuclear force under ordinary conditions. With the advent of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, a new research field has emerged, namely detailed, high-precision studies of heavy quarks immersed in the quark-gluon plasma. This new, very extraordinary state of matter is created by colliding heavy ions with relativistic speeds. Prof Aarts says: "The aim of this meeting is to bring together experts on heavy quarks in vacuo and in a thermal medium, to bridge the gap there currently is between the two fields. High-performance computing plays an important role in this research area and the meeting will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss new ideas and applications, agreeing on a framework for future computations."