Charity event for Swansea University Faith Week to raise money for diabetes research

Swansea University gym will be a hive of fitness activity as part of ‘Faith Week’ raising funds for St David’s Medical Foundation for research into diabetes.

On Thursday 12 February, from 10.00am to noon, there will be a fun multi-faith exercise event ‘Faith in Action’ held in the gym with individuals from different faiths exercising on machines of their own choice for a maximum of 10 minutes.

But exercising for two hours non-stop on a rowing machine will be the Reverend Nigel John, Senior Chaplain at Swansea University.

‘Faith in Action’ is designed to be an example of non-competitive sport with the purpose of the venture is to deepen friendships, promote physical and spiritual well-being, and to raise money.

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Faith Week was first initiated two years ago by the University Imam and Muslim Student Advisor on campus, Sheikh Moshen El-Beltagi, in collaboration with Nigel and members of other faith communities.

300 x 450Nigel John (pictured) explained:

"The purpose of Faith Week is to emphasise the centrality of faith in the lives of very many people and to highlight the common human values that we all share.

It is an opportunity for education and information with stalls, exhibitions and workshops and through the many conversations that take place.  It is also a demonstration of friendship, peace and harmony.  On all such occasions, it soon becomes evident that we have so much to learn from one another."

Friendship between faiths 

Nigel added: "We pride ourselves on the excellent multi faith relations that exist at Swansea University, but we are never complacent and we would wish to deepen and develop all such friendships, as and wherever possible.”
Faith in Action adds a fun element to Faith Week but it also has an important message. Faith in Action promotes friendship between faiths and is a chance for those of different beliefs to have fun and relax together.

It offers a chance for people to experience spiritual and physical well-being at the same time. It is also in support of a very important charitable cause: St David's Medical Foundation, which undertakes research into Diabetes among many other illnesses."

The event will be started by Swansea University's Vice-Chancellor, Professor Richard B. Davies, who will be taking part.

Donate here to support Nigel and the St David's Medical Foundation