30 new academic posts for Swansea

Swansea University is making over 30 key appointments including a college head, chairs, associate professorships and lecturers.

‌The new posts follow Swansea University’s success in the Research Excellence Framework, which saw it make the biggest jump of any of the research-intensive universities, from 52nd in the UK rankings to 26th.

Posts are being advertised in all seven of the University’s colleges

The University delivers world-leading research across these areas, and the new posts will help it maintain its strong upward trajectory,

The University’s new science and innovation Bay Campus is to open in September 2015, a £450 million investment and one of the largest knowledge economy projects in Europe.

600 x 476Picture:  "When the blue stuff hits the fan”, by Rami Malki of Swansea University’s Marine Renewable Research Group, College of Engineering.  It shows the flow structure evolving downstream of a tidal stream turbine, generating renewable energy from the sea.