12 more First Responders trained

TWELVE more university volunteers were trained up as First Responders this week (Jan 19-23).

This brings to 28 the number of people trained by Wales Ambulance Service to use defibrillators and oxygen on campus in an emergency.

The volunteers come from most departments and are now qualified to use equipment which is located at key points around the campus.

FirstrespondersTrainer Stephen Roberts, from the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust, said: “Specialist training for members of the public in basic life support skills can and does save lives. The ambulance might only be a short distance away, but that may still be too long in the sense of not doing anything.”

Coordinator of the university’s First Responders scheme is Liz Irvine, from the College of Medicine.

“We are delighted with the response from staff and students so far, and very proud of the 12 new volunteers,” she said.

“Our challenge now is to build an even bigger and stronger network of First Responders to cover Singleton and the new Bay Campus because every second is crucial when it comes to emergencies such as a heart attack.”

  • If you would like to find out more about becoming a First Responder email Liz at e.m.irvine@swansea.ac.uk or ring 01792 29 5621.