Ask a Scientist: Materials researcher contributes to Science Uncovered Magazine

Dr Ian Mabbett, from Swansea University’s Materials Research Centre, based in the College of Engineering, features in Future Publishing’s new international Science Uncovered magazine as part of their panel of experts in the ‘Ask a Scientist’ feature.

Dr Ian MabbettDr Mabbett (pictured), a Technology Transfer Fellow with the SPECIFIC (Sustainable Product Engineering Centre for Innovative Functional Industrial Coatings) project, answers questions specifically related to engineering.

The feature also includes science experts from Imperial College London, Cambridge University, and University of West Florida.

‌Andrew Ridgway, editor of Science Uncovered said:

“Ian's a brilliant member of our Ask a Scientist team, we're lucky to have him on board.

“He answers all our readers' questions on engineering – everything from why the Leaning Tower of Pisa doesn't fall over to whether buildings change in size as the temperature rises – and he does so with real clarity.”

Dr Mabbett currently leads the Materials: Live! project alongside Dr Richard Johnston at Swansea University’s Materials Research Centre. It is a progressive project which seeks to raise the profile of materials science and engineering in an engaging, relevant and exciting way for pupils and teachers.

Speaking about his contribution to Science Uncovered, Dr Mabbett said:

“I'm delighted to be contributing to Science Uncovered, it is a great opportunity to publicise Swansea University's engineering expertise and the Materials: Live! outreach project.

Many of the questions received have been about buildings, and that is relevant to my day job working at SPECIFIC on functional coatings for buildings that generate, store or release renewable energy.”

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