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Various Subjects: Postgrad Solutions Study Bursaries 2020

Closing date: 14 September 2020

Key Information

Looking for additional funding? Postgrad Solutions now offer 15 bursaries across a number of subject areas. You could receive a £500 bursary towards tuition fees on your postgraduate course (including those at Swansea University) to start in 2020. Bursaries are available as below:

  • General UK Bursary x2
  • General European Bursary x2
  • General US Bursary x2
  • Engineering Bursary x1
  • Computer Science/IT Bursary x1
  • Distance Learning Bursary x1
  • English Language Bursary x1
  • PhD/Research Bursary x1
  • Business Master's Bursary x2
  • Global LLM Study Bursary x2


The bursaries are open to students from anywhere in the world.


Each bursary offers £500 towards tuition fees.

How to Apply

To apply please visit the Postgrad Solutions website.