Professor Carlos Nunez, one of our Physics admissions tutors, gives his top tips on writing your personal statement and what information we want to know about you when we assess your application for our physics courses

  • Tell us why you want to study Physics. What was the first thing that caught your attention? Do you remember when this happened?
  • Explain what it is about Physics that interests you and why.
  • How do you feel about Mathematics?
  • What is your opinion about the relation between Physics and Mathematics?
  • If you were to choose at this moment in your career, would you feel more inclined for Theoretical or Experimental Physics? Applied or pure Physics? Why?
  • What topic(s) of Physics and Maths do you enjoy the most in your A-levels or GCSE?
  •  If you were to select one topic of Physics (either theoretical or experimental) that you believe will be relevant a hundred years from now, what would that be?
  •  Have you ever experienced aesthetic pleasure when contemplating any area of Physics? Explain why.
  •  What do you like to think about in your free time?
  •  Demonstrate your passion for the subject – have you volunteered in any Physics related activity?
  •  What do you like to read about sciences and Physics in particular, what do you like to watch related to sciences?
  •  Do you have any relevant work experience?
  •  Be relevant – we do like hearing about your hobbies, but focus most of your statement on information that is relevant to physics
  •  Proofread and check everything twice – ask other people to read through it and check there are no mistakes.
Infographic saying Physics is top in the UK for student satisfaction and ranked 2nd in the Guardian university guide