Research in the Particle Theory group

(Gert Aarts, Chris Allton, Simon Hands, Biagio Lucini)

The lattice field theory group is actively engaged in high-performance computing (HPC). We are part of the UKQCD collaboration, a UK wide consortium (Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Oxford, Plymouth, Southampton, Swansea) which aims at solving lattice QCD and other lattice field theories using numerical simulations on large-scale resources. UKQCD is part of DiRAC, the STFC funded facility for HPC in the UK, and we use the DiRAC computational facilities for our large HPC projects.

Besides this, we have access to computing resources via HPC Wales (in Wales) and PRACE (in Europe).

We are also part of a broader consortium of particle physics computer users, GridPP, which uses grid technology to analyse LHC data.

Our experience in beyond the Standard Model (BSM) physics has resulted in the development and commercialisation of an open source tool for supercomputing benchmarking and diagnostics, BSMBench.