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National Particle Physics Masterclass 8th June

National Particle Physics Master Class
Swansea University Via Zoom
Tuesday 8th June 2021

The day will start with a lecture on Particle Physics at the Large Hadron Collider, by Professor Maurizio Piai of the Particle Physics Theory Group at Swansea. This will be followed by a short introduction to the ATLANTIS data used at CERN to analyse collision events from the ATLAS detector. Students will then have the opportunity to use these generated events in a practical session and identify for themselves events with elementary particles such as quarks, leptons, the W and Z bosons, and possibly the Higgs boson!

The day ends with a Guest Lecture: Ministry of Sense: Hunting the Higgs.
Dr Sam Gregson will present an interactive and comedic show, which will take audience members through one of science’s greatest and most exciting discoveries. The talk will explain how, by exploring their own thinking biases, forming their own ideas to solve problems, collecting and analysing data from the Large Hadron Collider they can create mock Large Hadron Collider proton-proton collisions live!!