Valeria in lab

PhD Physics - Joint Degree with Université Grenoble Alpes

I am a PhD student in the Department of Physics and the student representative in the Swansea-Grenoble Co-tutelle programme. I am undertaking a joint degree with Université Grenoble Alpes which involves spending 18 months in Swansea and 18 months in Grenoble.

The focus of my research is to understand a novel biocompatible protein-based material, called Ubx, which can be used in implanted devices for tissue regeneration. In other words, this material can be used to regenerate damaged tissues, such as the heart following a heart attack. Amazingly, some years ago, my scientific mentor discovered this protein by accident: material formed when a column wasn’t cleaned up until the next day.  Sometimes accidents can bring significant discoveries.

Actually, there are only two laboratories in the world that can produce the proteins involved in this material formation efficiently and in large quantities, and one of these laboratories is in the Department of Physics at Swansea University.

I am really proud and excited to be part of this team, to contribute to new discoveries and to develop the potential of this interesting material. 

The Department of Physics provides a dynamic, stimulating and multicultural working environment and gives students the opportunity to develop new skills and leadership abilities and I am really happy that I chose to come here for my PhD.