One of the reasons I chose to study at Swansea University was the friendly and approachable lecturers I met at the open day. I decided to study physics at university as I like to understand how things work. Additionally, Physics is a highly sought after degree by employers in a wide variety of disciplines, giving me good prospects after leaving university.

Since being at Swansea I have had the opportunity to join a variety of sports teams and clubs. I am also a member of the physics committee and a Physics Ambassador for UCAS open days. A large part of my academic success whilst studying at Swansea is due to the enthusiastic and friendly lecturers. I have on many an occasion visited their offices for help on an assignment, or in preparation for an exam and have always received useful advice from the lecturers.

During the summer of my second year at Swansea, I completed an internship within the department in the Positron Lab. Over the course of the internship, I worked as part of a team to try and use potential wells to capture electrons in the positron beamline. This opportunity gave me an insight into working in academia and gave a vital experience which helped boost my CV when applying for graduate jobs. I believe this, and the diverse range of topics covered during my degree helped me to secure a graduate job at Atkins.

Atkins is a leading engineering consultancy, where I will be a graduate Systems Engineer in their Aerospace, Defence, Security and Technology department. I am excited to start working at Atkins and use the vital skills I have learned during my time at Swansea and applying these to practical situations. Due to the department’s variety of dissertation projects, I was able to choose a dissertation topic that is directly linked to the line of work I will be commencing at Atkins following my degree.