Adam Powell lab   

"My time as part of the Physics Department in Swansea has been a period of great personal growth. From an academic perspective it has pushed me to new heights and the department has been exceptionally supportive in any extracurricular work I have undertaken. 

When I made the decision to run for President of the Physics Society I had no idea of the wealth of experiences, opportunities and amazing people it would lead me towards, from world class academics at CERN during our March 2016 visit, to the staff of the Physics Department at our dinner and dance event. We have also strived to work with the department on events such as our celebration of gravitational waves discovery lecture and our highly praised employability event in which alumni presented their career opportunities.  The Physics Society won an award from the Swansea Employability Academy. 

As well as being President of the Physics Society, I’ve spent this year as a student representative for Level 2 Physics. This role provided me with the opportunity to improve the student experience within the department and has been an absolute privilege."