Academic Promotions

Application Procedures

Individuals wishing to apply for promotion should submit their application as part of the PDR process. The PDR is an opportunity for the employee and their reviewer to have a meaningful discussion regarding their application, explore and reflect on any helpful feedback to enable as strong an application as possible. Applicants will need to upload their application form via the online PDR between 1st September to 30th November.

The documents you will need will be on this page:

  1. Process Flowchart for each level of promotion
  2. Academic Promotion Procedure for each level of promotion
  3. The Academic Career Pathways Core and Enhanced criteria
  4. The Academic promotions application form

There are 3 key stages to the academic promotion procedure:

  1. Application
  2. Decisions made by Promotion Committees
  3. Outcome of decision communicated

To access your PDR and to apply for promotion please click here.

The closing date for applying for promotion is 30 November 2018. No late applications will be considered and your PDR must have been completed and approved by this date.

More information on the staff who were promoted last year can be found here: Celebrating Academic Promotion.