Promotion Policy

It is the University’s intention to ensure that staff are rewarded appropriately and that promotion is applied consistently and fairly in a customer focussed and effective way. This will ensure that the University is able to recognise and retain excellent staff and promotion judgements are based on open, transparent and objective criteria. 

Where the University operates promotion procedures, such procedures will follow the same key stages.

Key stages in the promotions process:

  1. Meaningful discussion regarding promotion during the annual performance review, followed by preparation and submission of promotion application.
  2. University Promotion Committees to consider the applications and make the appropriate decisions, ensuring consistency.
  3. Notification of outcome with meaningful feedback for applicants.
  4. Timely administration of revised pay and terms & conditions.

The following principles will be applied in the Promotion Policy.

a) An open, fair and transparent promotion process.

b) Equality of opportunity is reflected in all aspects of promotion. The outcome of any promotion decision will be based on merit, underpinned by objective criteria and free from bias. Monitoring will be undertaken to ensure that this is so.

c) All decision makers in the process are trained in equality and understand the process. Involvement in the decision making process brings responsibilities to operate fairly and treat all staff consistently based on the evidence provided.

d) The promotions process is intended to be developmental and therefore any unsuccessful applicant will receive constructive feedback to understand what is required for a successful career development.

e) The process will be as efficient and timely as possible ensuring that all staff are clear of the timescales.

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