Performance Enabling Policy

The University is committed to a culture of Performance Enabling which supports, enhances and develops the performance of individual staff and thereby delivers the University’s key strategic themes.  The University has an ambition to continually improve performance and service delivery and to work within a consistent set of agreed values.  The Performance Enabling Policy will promote the adoption of these values.  This is achieved through a range of related approaches which will:

  • Clarify the expectations of the employees’ role and standard of performance required.
  • Ensure that the employee is clear on the key organisational objectives and their part in contributing to the delivery of these.
  • Provide the appropriate support, feedback, coaching and skilling to enable the individual to perform to their maximum level.
  • Remove any barriers that prevent an individual from performing.
  • Demonstrate that employees who perform well are recognised and those who under-perform are challenged.

The Performance Enabling culture will be supported by the operation of an online Professional Development Review system, with the expectation that 100% of eligible staff will receive two Professional Review meetings per annum.

  • An annual Development Review, which will provide a formal opportunity for both the member of staff and their Line Manager to reflect on what has been achieved and to what standard, over the previous 12 months and to look forward and make plans for the coming year. The review should focus on recognising where expectations have been met or exceeded and challenging where they have not been achieved.
  • An interim review will formalise more informal regular feedback and coaching sessions. Wherever possible, Management Information will be utilised within the PDR process to provide individual feedback on performance.

Professional Development reviews will follow on seamlessly from Induction and Probation and the promotion process will be supported by the Professional Review. 

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