Sickness Absence Management Policy

Sickness - Absence Management Policy

Swansea University recognises that its staff are the main asset of the University and are key to the achievement of the University’s Strategic Plan.  It is also recognised that sickness absence is both costly and disruptive to the University.  This policy therefore undertakes to ensure that the University has procedures in place to effectively monitor and manage absence for the benefit of both individuals and the organisation. These procedures will ensure a consistent and supportive approach to managing both short and long term absence for all members of staff.

All staff will be entitled to statutory sick pay and eligible staff will be entitled to occupational sick pay if they adhere to the agreed sickness reporting procedures and sickness absence management procedures.  Any failure to comply with procedures may result in Occupational sick pay being withheld.

The University recognises the difference between short term and long term absences and the impacts these have on service delivery.  The procedures will outline different methods of managing absence depending on whether it is short or long term.   If a member of staff has a disability under the terms of the Equality Act 2010, absences relating to the disability will be managed on a case by case basis and advice will sought from Occupational Health. 

The management of absence will become formal in circumstances where an informal approach has failed to improve attendance.  Once procedures move into the formal stages advice will be taken from Occupational Health.  Members of staff are expected to attend meetings and Occupational Health appointments at the request of their manager or Human Resources. 

Termination of employment on the grounds of ill health will be carried out in accordance with the University’s Ordinance on Incapacity on Health Grounds and will be considered where:

  • A return to work is not feasible within a reasonable time, based on medical evidence.
  • A change to working hours, duties or redeployment is not possible.

Where eligible and recommended by Occupational Health, the Human Resources Department will support the member of staff in an application for ill health retirement under the relevant pension scheme.


Short term absence - absences that generally cover minor ailments and in most cases are unconnected to previous absences but occur frequently.

Long-term absence - periods of sickness absence that are continuous for more than six weeks or frequent absences of a related manner.

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