Staff Bursaries

The University recognises that, as an organisation whose main concern is that of learning, it should offer support (within available resources and consistent with the need to maintain levels of service) to any of its staff who seek to extend their knowledge and skills through formal study.

The University is committed to supporting staff pursuing higher education programmes of study and recognises the benefit well qualified staff bring to the University. 

All members of staff will be eligible for a staff bursary, equivalent to the standard home fee for a part-time course. Part time members of staff will be eligible for a bursary calculated to the number of hours stated in their contract at the start of the session or at the point of admission (calculated using the relevant f.t.e. for their position with the University). 

The University reserves the right to withdraw the staff bursary at any time if it is deemed not to be in the interests of the University. 


In order to qualify for a Staff Bursary, a member of staff must:

  • At the point of enrolment or re-enrolment be an employee of Swansea University;
  • Be undertaking a programme of study in a subject area relevant to the work of the member of staff at the University, or be able to show demonstrable benefit to the University, either following completion of the course of study, or, in the case of time limited appointments, during the course of study;
  • Have been authorised to pursue the programme of study by the Head of College/Director or their nominated representative;
  • Have successfully applied for the staff bursary in advance of enrolment or re-enrolment (and reapply in advance each year):
  • Be undertaking a programme of study at Swansea University.

It is the normal expectation that probationary members of staff will not be eligible to receive a staff bursary. However, probationary members of staff may be eligible where it can be shown that:

  • There is demonstrable benefit to the University and/or a requirement by the University for the course of study, and
  • There is evidence that the course of study will not adversely affect the member of staff’s ability to complete their probationary period.

The bursary will be withdrawn from members of staff who do not progress satisfactorily.  

In addition, where a member of staff has previously withdrawn from a course or has not progressed satisfactorily, they may become ineligible for further staff bursaries. 

In the event of the member of staff leaving the University:

  • The staff bursary will not cover fees due after the date of termination of employment.
  • A member of staff leaving the University will become liable to pay fees covering the period of enrolment after the date of termination of employment and in accordance with the University’s regulations governing student finance and fees. 


As stated above, applications for staff bursary must be submitted and approved in advance of enrolment and re-enrolment (and must be reapplied for each year of the course a tuition fee is payable). 

The completed form (signed by the employee/applicant, Head of College/Director and HR Business Partner) must be returned to: Student Finance, Academic Services, Singleton Abbey Stable Block, Swansea University.

Staff Bursary Application Form

Staff Bursary Application Form (Welsh)