Eligibility to Work

The University is required to have robust processes and policies in place to ensure compliance with the conditions of its sponsorship licence, which cover Tier 2 Visas (Workers), Tier 4 Visas (Students and Tier 5 Visas (Temporary Workers) and to be able to evidence compliance, as required.  

To ensure compliance with UK Immigration legislation and the terms of its sponsorship licence, the University has introduced a policy and associated procedure/guidance on ensuring an individual’s eligibility to work in the UK.


The policy applies to all University employees and individuals recruited to undertake work for the University.  Right to work checks must be made, with proof of the check retained, for all employees, regardless of nationality.

Key Principles

  • Right to work checks apply to all individuals who are recruited to undertake work for the University, whether this is permanent, full time, part time, casual/temporary work or voluntary work
  • The Home Office provides detailed guidance on right to work checks.  Right to work checks must include the following:
    -       Obtaining original versions of one or more acceptable documents;
    -       Checking the document's validity in the presence of the holder; and
    -       Making and retaining a clear copy, including recording the date the check was made and by whom
  • Right to work checks must be made and verified before work commences
  • Details of an individual’s right to work should be recorded in relevant University systems, to ensure appropriate reporting and alerts in terms of on-going management and expiry

The University will remind Tier 4 visa holders of the restrictions of their visa relating to undertaking work (either paid or unpaid), and will require a signed declaration confirming the individual is aware of these and is not in breach of them for each employment they undertake within the University or elsewhere.