Professional Services Staff Line Manager Annual Review Guidelines


If you have recently become a line manager, and/or are relinquishing responsibility as a line manager, could you please consider the following actions:

  • Meet with your members of staff on an individual basis to explain that you will be their new line manager/or you will no longer be their line manager. Explain reasons for the change and if you are relinquishing responsibility, advise who the new line manager will be.
  • As a new line manager, to ensure that the review is meaningful, it may be helpful to seek feedback from the previous line manager and utilise any objective data available.

If you line manage a member of staff with Professional Services Values in their job description:

  • They will have been asked to participate in a feedback exercise.
  • Prior to their PDR or probationary meeting they will complete a self-assessment based on a set of clear values expectations.
  • As line manager, you will also conduct an assessment, and these will form the basis of the discussion during the meeting.
  • Information will automatically be uploaded to the PDR.

360 Leadership Feedback

  • For leaders who have participated in 360 Feedback their report has been automatically uploaded onto the PDR to facilitate the professional review discussion.
  • The 360 feedback report is locked into the PDR in the “Document Upload” section and is therefore not editable or removable.
  • Actions agreed as a result of this feedback, should be captured in the “Current Objectives” tab of the PDR, in the “Feedback Objectives” section. Colleagues will need to capture a minimum of one objective relating to this feedback.
  • Using 360 Leadership Feedback in the PDR guidance can be found here 
  • Actions agreed as a result of this feedback, may be captured in the “Current Objectives” tab of their PDR in the “Feedback Objectives” section. They will need to capture a minimum of one objective relating to this feedback.


Step 1 - Preparation for the Face to Face Discussion:

Your colleague will reflect and complete their preparation on-line as detailed below in italics:

  • Role Profile: If applicable they will note any changes to their role since their last professional development review (if there have been no changes, they will annotate with “Not Applicable”).
  • Previous Objectives: Colleagues with values in their job descriptions only: If they participated in the feedback exercise in 2017, their agreed objectives relating to this feedback can be found under the “Feedback Objectives” section. They should take the time to reflect on their performance against these objectives. In the “Progress Notes” text area, they should capture their evidence in support of their status. Using the drop down box options of “Achieved”, “Not Achieved” or “Not Applicable” they should update their status against each objective. Their 2017 values feedback may be found by clicking “last year’s feedback”. Using the drop down box options of “Achieved”, “Not Achieved” or “Not Applicable” they will update their status against each objective. If they chose "On Track" as an option during the Interim Review, they should now update their progress by selecting from the other options. In the “Progress Notes” text area they will capture their evidence in support of their status.
  • Current ObjectivesColleagues with values in their job descriptions only: “Values Feedback Report” has been uploaded into the “Document Uploads” section of the PDR. The “Feedback Objectives” section” tab allows the member of staff to capture agreed outcomes, actions, support measures and level of commitment in relation to the values feedback. In creating these, we would encourage them to think about enhancing existing strengths as well as their development. The 2018 feedback report will also be available in this section by clicking on “your feedback”.                                                         Objectives: Reflecting on the University/your department’s objectives, they will enter details of their proposed objectives for the year 2018/2019 ensuring all sections are completed including - description, measurement, target date and if applicable any “Training Requirements”/“Other Development Requirements”.
  • Document Uploads: Colleagues with values in their job descriptions: their Feedback Report will be automatically uploaded onto their PDR. This document will be locked into their PDR and they will be unable to edit or remove it.                                                                                                           All Colleagues: They will upload any information that will help the discussion with you and to ensure they are recognised when they have performed well.
  • Notes and Messages: They may wish to send a note to you via this section.  
  • Submit: Once they believe they have completed all their preparation, you will receive an email confirming this, enabling you to view a read only copy of their PDR form.

On receipt of this information, please review the content and prepare your thoughts on their progress in preparation for the face to face meeting. You may wish to add a note for your colleague via the ‘Notes and Messages’ section on the Online PDR or talk  directly to your colleague in preparation for your face to face meeting. 


Step 2 - The Face to Face Meeting:

Review of Previous Objectives

  • The PDR is an opportunity for a two way discussion to explore and recognise what has been achieved against your colleagues previously agreed objectives. It is important that both you and your colleague are prepared for the discussion.
  • The discussion should include a summary of feedback on your colleague’s achievements and performance. This feedback should be balanced incorporating achievements and good performance as well as challenging any areas where their performance could be improved. It is important that your colleague is encouraged to explore any ways in which they believe they can improve.

Agreeing Current Objectives 2018/2019:

  • For each objective, both you and your colleague should discuss and agree the specific objective description, measurement, target date and support required to enable your colleague to achieve success.
  • In addition, please agree with your colleague a date to meet for their interim review which should be within 6 months of the PDR meeting.
  • Your colleague should leave this discussion feeling valued, recognised and challenged. They should have a clear understanding of the expectations of their role and the standard of performance required and be provided with the appropriate support, feedback, coaching and skills to enable a good performance in their role. This should also include a discussion about their career and development.


Step 3 - Following the Face to Face Meeting:

Following the face to face meeting, your colleague will complete the following as detailed in italics below:

  • They will amend their on-line PDR as agreed during the face to face meeting and press “Save”.
  • On completion of this information, they will add a note in the “add new note” text box and click the “Save” button, advising you that the form is ready for final ‘approval’. This will result in an email being sent to you informing you of their progress.

On receipt of the above, agree their amendments and add a summary reflecting the face to face discussion in the notes section. Input the date of the face to face meeting, tick the check box to confirm that the face to face meeting has taken place and input the agreed date for the interim review. Once this has been done, you can press “Approve”. As soon as you approve the review, a confirmation email to this effect will be sent to your colleague containing a summary of the review meeting and also an Outlook calendar attachment. This will also create a calendar reminder for your colleague to complete the confidential on-line PDR survey within 24 hours of their PDR being approved. At this point, the status of your colleague’s review will change to “Approved”.


Step 4 - On-Line Survey:

  • Once your colleague’s PDR has been approved, they will be invited via email to complete an on-line survey by clicking the link contained within their email. 
  • This survey will be treated as confidential and will take no more than 5 minutes to complete. It is critical for us to understand and learn how meaningful their PDR experience has been and their feedback is very important to us, so we would ask that you please encourage them to take the time to complete this survey.