Academic Staff Annual Review Guidelines

Step by Step Guide

Access guides here:  Academic Staff Step by Step for Annual Review

  1. PDRs must be completed between 1 September and 30 November. In order to be considered, all applications for academic promotion must be completed and uploaded onto the PDR by the 30th November. Applications received after this date will not be considered 
  2. Full details for academic promotion can be found here
  3. Academic Career Pathway change requests at the same grade: your Head of College will review requests from the 1st December and decide by 31 March.

Useful links when completing your PDR:

  • The on-line Professional Development Review is located here

  • To inform your decision on whether to apply for promotion, please review the guidance on Academic Career Pathways and Promotions here

  • Information on 360 Leadership feedback can be found here:

    Using 360 Leadership Feedback in the PDR: Guidance