Work Experience Placements

Work Experience Placements

Work Experience Procedure


Any interested students should email the nominated work experience contact within the College/Professional Services Unit that they are interested in being placed.

Work Experience Contact Details


  • The work experience contact should send a Work Placement Proforma to the student for completion.
  • Once returned, the bottom section should be completed by the work experience contact.
  • In addition, the work experience contact will formally confirm the placement in writing, copying the school/college work experience officer and the safety office ( Work Experience Acceptance letter ).


If the College/Professional Services Unit cannot offer a work experience placement, the work experience contact will inform the individual accordingly ( Work Experience Email - no placement available ).


It is the responsibility of the College/Professional Services Unit to complete a Young Person’s Risk Assessment form ( Work Experience - Young Persons Risk Assessment ).  Once this form is completed it should be held within the College/Professional Services Unit.

A copy of the completed form may be requested by the work experience student’s school/college.


It is important that a record of all approved work experience placements is retained by the College/Professional Services Unit.


Placements will normally start their first day between 9:15am or 9:30am. 

NB: placements within the Egypt Centre differ as their working week is Tuesday to Saturday.  Placements within the Egypt Centre start their first day at 9:30am.


Once a placement has been confirmed all further contact from the student/school/college should be directed to the College/Professional Services Unit work experience contact.


In the vast majority of placements, as the employer/employees involved will not have regular unsupervised access to the young people undertaking work experience, there is no need for DBS checks to take place. 

However, DBS checks must be considered in all of the following cases:

1. Students identified by the school as vulnerable for educational, medical, behavioural or home circumstance reasons,

2. Students on placements lasting more than 15 days over an extended time-frame, especially where these involve:

  • regular lone working with an employer over long periods (rule of thumb would suggest anything over half a day at a time), or
  • placements located in particularly isolated environments with 1:1 working, or
  • placements involving a high degree of travelling on a 1:1 basis

 3. Placements which include a residential element.

The fact that a particular placement falls into one of the above categories does not necessarily mean that a DBS check will be required.  Such a decision will depend on an assessment of the overall potential risks posed to a young person and will take into account any systems in place to minimise these risks.