The Appointment Process

Once you have decided on the best candidate for the post, the next steps are:

    1.   Offer the appointment subject to pre-employment checks and satisfactory references.

   2.   Allocate a salary

   3.   Receive all required documentation to support (1)

   4.   Agree the start date

   5.   Feedback to unsuccessful candidates

Offering the Post

You can contact the successful candidate by phone to offer the job but you must be clear that the offer is made subject to:

  • Satisfactory references
  • Proof of eligibility to work in the UK
  • Sight of original qualification documents
  • Pre-employment medical check
  • DBS form if required

A pre-employment checklist can be downloaded from:  New Starter Checklist

Allocation of Salary

In the first instance the job should be offered on the first point of the scale.  Only if your new recruit indicates that they would not accept the job on the salary offered should a salary negotiation be considered.

If a higher than minimum salary is to be offered then this should first be agreed with the HR Business Partner.  A Starting Salary Form  must be completed recording the objective justification for the agreed salary.  Be aware that this form may be made available as evidence in the case of an equal pay claim, should one arise. 

Points to consider when determining a higher than minimum salary:

  • Previous relevant experience
  • Current salaries of existing staff on the same grade or with similar responsibilities
  • Areas of specific skills shortage – seek HR advice.
  • Remember to outline the University’s excellent range of benefits in addition to basic salary
  • Be prepared to discuss development opportunities as part of the negotiation

NB: Existing salary is not always a good indicator of an appropriate starting salary as this may perpetrate inequity from other employers

Document Checks

Before your new recruit can take up post the following must have been received:

  • Two satisfactory references at least one of which should be from their current (most recent) employer.
  • Original documentation proving eligibility to work in the UK
  • Confirmation from Occupational Health that the new recruit is fit for the role.
  • A DBS form if required; further information available from:  Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Guidance for Managers

Agreeing a Start Date

The following are some points to bear in mind:

  • You can discuss potential start dates at interview.
  • The start date will depend on your new recruit’s notice period. 
  • They may not want to resign until they have the offer of appointment in writing.
  • Your new recruit may be able to negotiate a shorter notice period with their employers

The start date cannot be confirmed in writing until the document checks are completed.