Temp Staff Process for Managers

How to Hire a Temp for your Team

Managers should provide HR with at least three working days notice prior to the anticipated commencement of the post/position by completing the following forms:

Colleges/Departments should inform the Human Resources Advisory Assistant of intended extension and/or amendments to placements as soon as possible. It is important to note that failure to inform the Human Resources Advisory Assistant in time for payroll deadlines may mean that the Temp is not paid, or is paid incorrectly. 

Please note: when requesting a Temp placement or reappointment, an ABW Employment Request will need to be submitted and approved before the request can be actioned.

Annual Leave and Bank Holiday Calculations for Temps

Colleges/Departments are required to keep a record of any annual leave taken during a placement and provide the HR Assistant with this on termination of the placement.

Where Public and Statutory Holidays fall outside of a normal working period during the assignment, employees will receive pro rata time off with pay in lieu of the Public and Statutory Holiday – this must be taken before the end of that assignment. Payment in lieu of time off will not be allowed.

To calculate Annual Leave and Public/Statutory Holiday entitlement, please see our leave calculators at:

Annual Leave and Bank Holiday Calculators


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