Employing Student Demonstrators and Teaching Assistants


The recruitment process will start prior to each teaching block (in September and December respectively).

All applications will be made via Lumesse (the University’s on-line recruitment tool).  A link will be released to the named contact for each College as vacancies become available, for circulation, as appropriate. 

Students will be required to submit an application, detailing personal information via the link.

During submission, students can create a candidate home page to save as they enter data.  Students must however submit prior to the defined closing dates.  Any queries during the submission process should be sent to jobs@swansea.ac.uk



The budget for Student Demonstrators/Tutorial Assistants/Demonstrating Assistants/Teaching Assistants is included within each  College’s business plan, however, the Finance Department still needs to know the sum to be ‘earmarked’ from each Colleges budget for such activities, so that actual costs can be monitored.

It will be Colleges responsibility to monitor their own budgets.



Payment will be made monthly in arrears by direct credit into their bank/building society accounts.

A time sheet will be sent to the designated College adminstrator at the beginning of the session.  Colleges must ensure these are completed and returned by the 5th of each month in relation to the previous months hours worked, and emailed directly to payroll@swanea.ac.uk.

Late notification by the Colleges may result in delayed payment.


Teaching Skills Training

Postgraduate students must enrol, attend and complete the relevant Teaching Skills Course, as arranged by APEC’S.  Those who do not complete the course will not be allowed to undertake duties as Student Demonstrators/Tutorial Assistants/Demonstrating Assistants/Teaching Assistants.

APEC’S will email directly to the College contact a list of Postgraduate Students who have previously completed the Teaching Skills Course and the Teaching Skills course form.

It is the responsibility of the College to ensure the students and others they wish to use have completed the Teaching Skills course.

To ensure attendance, and in recognition of the extra time and effort incurred, it has been agreed that Student Demonstrators/Tutorial Assistants/Demonstrating Assistants/Teaching Assistants will receive payment for attending the Teaching Skills Course at the rate of £25 per class for sessions 1 and 2 and at a lesser rate of £15 per class for the shorter sessions 3 to 5, with a maximum payment to a student of £65 from your budget. 

Any student who does not fully complete the programme will receive no reimbursement and will not be allowed to teach subsequently.  You should note that these ‘training’ hours do not count towards teaching/demonstrating/tutorial work undertaken. These payments should be taken into account when setting the budget for Student Demonstrators/Tutorial Assistants/Demonstrating Assistants/Teaching Assistants. 

APEC’s will maintain a register of those enrolled, attending and completing the course and will notify Heads of Colleges where these procedures are not followed.


Rates of Pay

The hourly rates for session 2015/16 are as follows:

  • Student Demonstrators: £11.49 per contact hour 
  • Tutorial Assistants: £19.96 per contact hour
  • Demonstrating Assistants (enrolled continued) £11.49 per contact hour 
  • Teaching Assistants (enrolled continued): £19.96 per contact hour