Carole Llewellyn

Carole Llewellyn_bigDr Carole Llewellyn is an Associate Professor in Applied Aquatic Bioscience with the College of Science at Swansea University.  Carole’s love of science began at an early age inspired by walks in the countryside and her biology teachers.  Due to financial circumstances she left school with A’levels to initially take up a position as a laboratory technician with a pharmaceutical company. During this time she studied part-time. The experience gained here led to securing a position within the Natural Environment research Council at Plymouth Marine Laboratory giving opportunity for world travel and many research cruises.  From here she obtained a Masters in Research and a PhD through the University of Bristol.

During her career she stopped to have a break to have two children, returning to research on a part-time basis over many years. ‘At that time I was the first person at Plymouth Marine Laboratory to take a career break and to return part-time; since then many have followed in my footsteps’ says Carole.  ‘On returning from my career break I realised that I no longer wanted to spend months away at sea on research cruises as I knew I would miss my family.’ This turned out to be lucky as it took Carole down the route of developing interest in applying her algal research knowledge to help provide solutions to global challenges of climate, human health, bioenergy, food security and industrial biotechnology. This led to securing leadership on interesting international collaborative research and innovation projects focused on algal biotechnology and sustainable chemicals. 

Carole is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, elected as a Council Member to the Royal Society of Chemistry’s  Environment, Sustainability and Energy Division and a member of UK-BBSRC Network Industrial Biotechnology Committee promoting the development of algal biotechnology in the UK. 

Carole joined Swansea University in September 2014 with the aim of continuing her applied algal science and to share her love of science and algal research with students. She is also Chair for the Swansea University College of Science Athena Swan initiative aimed at improving gender equality within the college.  

‌And finally, says Carole ‘and yes my two boys (now two wonderful young men) ended up being inspirational scientists too’.