Angharad Davies

Angharad Davies is a Clinical Associate Professor at Swansea University Medical School. Angharad graduated in medicine from Cambridge University and as a junior doctor worked in specialties including accident and emergency.  

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Beverley Agard Owen

Beverley Agard Owen works with the School of Management and College of Engineering as Staff Experience Manager. The implementation of this role is a major personal and institutional achievement.  

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Eve Moriarty

Eve is an alumnus of Swansea University’s English BA. While at SU, Eve worked with the LGBT and Amnesty International societies. She is a prolific poet, writing on themes of gender, history, queer identity and mental illness.

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Elisabeth Bennett

Elisabeth, Archivist at Swansea University, has been fundamental in transforming the Richard Burton Archives into a nationally renowned collection and service.

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Julia Terry

Julia is the team Leader for the Mental Health team within the Department of Nursing.  She is a leading light and a positive role model who guides and mentors staff to develop their potential.

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Katherine Hooper

Katherine is considered a vital part of the research team at SU College of Engineering and recently came second in the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining young lecturing competition.  She constantly pushes herself beyond her comfort zone and is an inspiration to colleagues and students.

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Sarah Done

Sarah joined Swansea University in 2014 after many years working as a nurse in the NHS. Her passion for education shows through every day; she uses her nursing skills to deliver the highest calibre of nurse education. 

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Sian Vaughan

Sian commenced her degree programme in Midwifery at the College of Human and Health Sciences in 2013 and has been achieving high academic grades as well as excellent grades and feedback from her mentors.

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