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Kirsty Rowles is a feminist, Hufflepuff, and “professional nice person”. She studied a  BA English with Creative Writing and an MA in English with a particular focus on women’s writing at Swansea University, and while studying she began volunteering with Discovery, a student volunteer led charity that aims to enrich the lives of people in Swansea. Upon graduating with a Distinction in 2012, she began working full-time in the organisation. Discovery offers volunteering opportunities to students working with young people, vulnerable adults, on practical projects and around international issues. Last year they won the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, the highest award a voluntary organisation can gain, as well as the Chwarae Teg Examplar Employer Award, which recognises commitment to equality and diversity in the workforce.

Kirsty’s currently manages Discovery’s Supported Volunteering Scheme, which gives accessible volunteering opportunities to people with additional needs. She is also heavily involved in the Swansea-Siavonga Partnership project, which links Discovery with the Siavonga Nutrition Group (an NGO in Siavonga, Zambia), and she is particularly engaged with gender and disability equality work as part of this.

She is a member of the University’s LGBT+ Staff Network, which she believes is an important resource for LGBT+ staff.

In her spare time, Kirsty is a member of Swansea Feminist Network, a local women’s organisation that holds events, socials and fundraisers for women in Swansea.  She is also a volunteer with SCVS’s Involve project, where she is a befriender for young people involved with Social Services. 

Kirsty is also co-editor of a magazine titled “Sonorus: Feminist Perspectives on Harry Potter”, and writes her own fanzine series titled “Forever Incomplete”, where she grapples with issues around gender, sexuality, mental health, and why she never seems to get anywhere on time.

Beloved by her many friends, Kirsty is always described as kind, selfless, giving, and fair.  Other things Kirsty likes include bright colours, lattes, Les Miserables, Kermit the Frog, high-octane clone dramas  and multi-coloured Doc Martens.

Follow Kirsty on Twitter at @MsKirstyFace, where she tweets about intersectional feminism, social justice, and fandom.

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