Annual Leave Entitlement

The University believes that it is important for employees to have a good work/life balance and so we offer a generous annual leave entitlement for all staff.

Details of how much annual leave you are entitled to are outlined below (excluding bank holidays):

GradeEntitlement in DaysWeekly Full-time Hours
1 and 2 29 37
3 to 6 29 35
7 to 10 31 35

Details of leave entitlement for each staff group are also detailed in the relevant Terms and Conditions.  The annual leave year runs from 1st January to 31st December.

With regard to individual calculations, we have prepared the following spreadsheets in order to assist with calculations for those working part time and those joining/leaving the University part way through a leave year.

How to Work Out your Annual Leave

We have a handy tool to help you calculate your annual leave entitlement.  Please read the notes below before using the annual leave calculator:

  • When referring to the annual leave calculator, it is important to note that the calculation for annual leave in days is based on a 7 hour day, rounding up to the nearest half day.
  • In the case of staff whose standard working day is more/less than 7 hours, the annual entitlement in hours should be divided by the daily hours. For those staff who do not work the same number of hours per day, we would suggest you leave your annual entitlement in hours.
  • The annual leave spreadsheet is based on the following formula:
Total hours worked
(weekly contracted hours x no of weeks)
Total annual hours for a full time appointment
(weekly full time hours x 52.17)
x  Total Annual leave in hours
 (annual entitlement x full time working day in hours)

To work out your annual leave please use the calculator below:

Bank Holiday Calculations:

In the case of Part-time employees, entitlement in lieu of Public & Statutory Holidays should be calculated on an annual basis. This will give individuals their annual entitlement to bank holidays and, after deducting the number of days/hours they already benefit from in the year, will leave their outstanding entitlement to time off in lieu. N.B. Time of in lieu should not be accrued for periods when staff are absent from work during a bank holiday due to sickness, maternity/paternity leave or other paid absence.

The bank holiday spreadsheet is based on the following formula:

actual hours of work   no. of weeks worked    
normal weekly hours 
for staff group
x ----------------------------
x (8 x full time working day in hours)

Annual Leave Requests

The following documents are available to assist in the requesting and recording of annual leave (your College/Department may use a different system to request annual leave - please check with your line manager):

To view your annual leave bookings and how much holiday entitlement you have left in the current leave year, you can login to your Timeware account (access only available on-campus and if your College/Department operates a Timeware system for holiday bookings).

Christmas and New Year

In addition, please find details relating to the University’s closure during the Christmas / New Year period as well as bank holiday dates here:

  • Christmas Opening and Bank Holiday Dates