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Subject Gateways


Higher Education & Academia Social Sciences & Business
  • SOSIG the Social Science Information Gateway 
  • SocioSite Sociology information 
  • Psych Web Psychology-related information 
  • REGARD information on ESRC research awards and products 
  • Biz/ed The internet gateway for Economics and Business education 
  • NetEc Economics resources 
  • Political Science Resources 
  • RUDI the Resource for Urban Design Information 
  • CAIN Conflict Archive on the Internet: a gateway for conflict studies, with particular emphasis on Northern Ireland 
  • ELDIS gateway to information sources on development and the environment 
Engineering & Science

RDN gateways (recommended): cross-search all gateways using the RDN homepage.
Arts & Humanities Nursing & Health Care
  • OMNI Organising Medical Networked Information 


  • infolaw Gateway to the UK legal internet 
  • GEM The Gateway to Educational Materials 

Many scholarly societies and professional institutions are also developing subject gateways on their web sites. There is an index of scholarly web sites from the Scholarly Societies Project based at the University of Waterloo. Your own department may provide links to sites of particular importance from their departmental web pages, and major web sites are also listed in the LIS web links pages.



Search Engines



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