Music Scholarships are available to both singers and instrumentalists, and are designed to enable talented musicians to continue to develop their skill and musicianship in a supportive environment. These scholarships are open to all enrolled undergraduates (whether new or returning students), and are tenable for the duration of the scholar's undergraduate degree.

Three kinds of music scholarships are available:

  • University Instrumental Scholarships
  • University Choral Scholarships
  • Joint Choral Scholarships, held in conjunction with St Mary’s Church

The scholarships have a nominal value of £1000 per year, comprising:

  • Regular individual lessons in the scholar’s instrument or voice
  • A bursary of £300 per year, to support purchase of sheet music, exam fees, etc.

Scholars are expected to play a full part in the musical life of the University by committing to one or more University ensembles or choirs, and to play or sing in the annual Chancellor’s Concert.

The application requirements given here are guidelines, and are flexible – if you are uncertain about your eligibility for a scholarship, please speak to the Director of Music.


University Instrumental Scholarships

Instrumental Scholarships Form These scholarships are offered to talented instrumentalists, with a particular emphasis on helping scholars develop as rounded musicians and ensemble players:

  • Scholarships are available to players of any instrument;
  • Applicants should typically have gained a merit or distinction at Grade 8 (or equivalent) on their instrument;
  • Scholars will be expected to commit to playing in one or more of the ensembles run by the student societies;

Application forms are available here: Instrumental Scholarships Form  and Referee Form ‌- or from the Director of Music

In addition to the forms, you will need to submit:

  • Copies of certificates and marks sheets for Grade 8 and any higher qualifications in your instrument;
  • Video performances of two contrasting pieces, not exceeding 7 minutes’ duration in total.
  • Details of how to submit your video performance are given on the application form.

The scholarship application deadline for current students is 15th October. In selecting scholars, preference will be given to applicants who are judged to have the potential to participate most fully in the musical life of the University.

Choral Scholarships

Choral scholarships are available in two forms:

  • University Scholarships, where the singer is a member of the University Choral Society.
  • Joint Scholarships, where the singer is a member of St Mary’s Church Choir. St Mary’s Church is located in the city centre; the choir is an ambitious mixed-voice choir singing a broad cathedral-style repertoire for two choral services every Sunday, as well as other services.

Applicants for both types of scholarship should be experienced choral singers with good aural skills and sight singing ability. Scholars are expected to commit fully to the choir's rehearsals, and performances. There is no formal requirement for singing qualification, but these will be considered in awarding scholarships.

As with Instrumental Scholarships, the deadline for applications is 15th October. Application forms are available here:  Choral Scholarships Form or from the Director of Music.

In addition to the forms, you will need to submit copies of certificates and marks sheets for any singing qualifications you hold (e.g. singing exams). Awards will be made on the basis of the application and an audition.