Joint Clinical Research Facility

About the JCRF

With expertise in multi-centre phase II – III studies we have a robust portfolio addressing many of the current health challenges – some assessing new medicines and others new devices. Our studies span diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and many others medical conditions. We are trialling devices which enable patients to be monitored for conditions such as Atrial Fibrillation enabling a timely intervention and remote glucose monitoring for diabetic patients.

We also work with local investigators on a wide variety of studies.


Over time we have well established alliances with a number of blue chip pharmaceutical companies which include Novo Nordisk, and some major contract houses ie Quintiles.

Past studies

Over the years we have participated in many studies that have resulted in new medicines being registered and prescribed.  These new drugs offer patients medicines which are better targeted to their disease with fewer side effects. 

Expertise – Staff

Our highly skilled research nurses are supported by a dedicated administrative team.  The research nurses are all trained in research methods and work across a diverse portfolio of studies with consultant colleagues. The majority of studies are undertaken in our two dedicated facilities – but for some in-patient studies we visit patients on the hospital ward.  Other studies may be conducted within the specific department at Morriston / Singleton/ Neath or Princess of Wales. 


Current study areas:

The JCRF undertakes between 40 – 50 studies each year across many disease areas and if you would like to register an interest we can contact you and discuss studies which you might like to consider.

Studies vary from a simple assessment of new devices like measuring blood glucose levels to more complex studies involving new medicines. 

If you would like to consider participating in one of our studies without any obligation please contact us

We usually recompense for travel or arrange a taxi.  Visits can range from about 30 minute up to a number of hours. This depends on the complexity and or type of study we are undertaking.  Some studies only require one attendance at the department others last for a number of months and we see you regularly.

Current study areas include:

Diabetes – patients with both type 1 and type II also pre diabetic subjects

Cardiovascular – patients who have sustained a heart attack or have known Heart Disease

Renal – patients with some renal impairment including dialysis

Neurology – patients with parkinsons and epilepsy  and Multiple sclerosis