The Theme Lead for Microbes & Immunity is Professor Yuqin Wang

Researchers in the Microbes & Immunity Theme are: 

NameTitleResearch Area
Dr James Cronin Senior Lecturer TLR Signalling
Dr Angharad Davies Clinical Senior Lecturer  Hon Consultant Microbiologist 
Professor Gwyneth Davies Professor Hon Consultant Physician in Respiratory Medicine 
Dr Ricardo Del Sol Abascal Associate Professor Microbiology
Professor Paul Dyson Professor Microbial Genetics
Dr Paul Facey Lecturers Microbiology
Dr Nigel Francis Associate Professor Innate Immunity
Dr Llinos Harris Lecturer Microbial Pathogenesis & Antibiotic Resistance
Dr Matthew Hitchings Senior Research Officer Microbial Genomics
Professor Julian Hopkin Professor Experimental Medicine
Professor Thomas Humphrey Professor Bacteriology and Food Safety
Dr Rowena Jenkins Lecturer Microbiology
Dr Nick Jones Tutor Immunometabolism
Dr Ruth Jones Research officer Allergy and Immunology
Professor Venkateswarlu Kanamarlapudi Professor Molecular Cell Biology
Professor Diane Kelly Professor Molecular Mycology and Biotechnology 
Professor Steve Kelly Professor Microbial Genetics and Molecular Biology
Professor David Lamb Professor Biological Chemistry
Dr Jonathan Mullins Associate Professor Molecular Modelling 
Professor Martin Sheldon Professor Reproductive Immuno-Biology
Professor Catherine Thornton Professor Immunology
Dr Geerjte Van Keulen Associate Professor Biochemistry
Dr Miranda Walker (neé Whitten) Senior Lecturer Infectious Disease and Parasitology
Dr William Walker Lecturer Molecular Biology
Dr Andrew Warrilow Research Officer Protein Biochemistry and Cytochrome P450 Biodiversity
Dr Thomas Wilkinson Associate Professor Microbiology and Infectious Disease

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