Role of the Medical School Research Ethics Sub-Committee

1. The primary function of the SUMS RESC is to provide ethical review of research which involves human participants and data that are not publicly available (including SUMS data).

1.1. Medical School Students: To ethically review all research with human participants and/or data which is not publicly available.

1.2. Medical School Staff: To provide ethical review for research with human participants and/or data which is not publicly available when no other system for formal ethical review is available.

Students: An application for RESC approval must be completed by SUMS students who are conducting research with human participants or data which is not publically available. Where the research involves NHS data, patients, professionals or premises, then an application should be sent to the RESC before submission to the LREC committee. Research which is being conducted by students overseas will still require approval by the committee.

Staff: who are researching with SUMS students or data should also seek approval from the committee if research does not involve NHS patients. Where staff intend to conduct research with NHS patients, then approval should be sought from the relevant LREC Committee and does not require additional submission to RESC where LREC approval has been granted.

2. Any application considered by the committee will either be:

  • a. approved
  • b. approved pending Chair’s action
  • c. determined to be in need of revision and re-submission
  • d. not approved
  • e. required to submit to LREC before approval can be granted.

3. The Chair of the committee will prepare a termly report relating to exceptions reporting and an annual report for presentation to the Research Ethics and Governance Committee for approval prior to submission of the REG report to the SUMS Research Committee. This would include through put data.

(IMPORTANT - When conducting research outside the UK, ethical permissions should be sought locally as well as through the School's ethics committee).

The Medical School will: Provide ethical review for research on human participants and/or data which is not publicly available when no other system for formal ethical review is available.

Important Information

Meeting Dates

Meetings are held monthly, usually on the first Tuesday of the month. Applications received by 5pm two weeks before each meeting will be considered.

Please email applications to the sub-committee administrator

All meetings are held at ILS2 6th Floor Meeting room.

Last day for Submission

Meeting Dates

01/12/2021 17:00

11/01/2022 13:00

25/01/2022 17:00

08/02/2022 13:00

22/02/2022 17:00

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29/03/2022 17:00

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26/04/2022 17:00

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