Continued Professional Development

The Medical School, as part of its commitment to increase access to university education and to support employee development, has a number of opportunities available anyone who has an interest in or has a role in Medicine and the Life Sciences.

The School is pleased to offer Continuing Professional Development courses in the following areas:

  • Applied Analytical Science
  • Autism and Related Conditions
  • Clinical Sciences
  • Clinical Medicine
  • Leadership for the Health Professions
  • Enterprise and Innovation
  • Health Informatics
  • Nanomedicine

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Professional Development

Fees for Continuing Professional Development

The majority of continuing professional education courses that we offer are priced per module and related to their credit rating/weighting. Stand-alone continued professional development modules will be calculated pro-rata of the full time fee (using a formula of 1/18th of the associated masters programme fee per 10 credits)

Fees are likely to be similar to the below:

  • Modules of 15 credits = £417
  • Modules of 20 credits = £556
  • Modules of 30 credits = £834

Additional costs

In addition to your tuition fee charges and living costs certain or modules may attract further mandatory or optional costs necessary for you to fully participate and complete your module(s) of choice. You will need to budget for these costs separately as they are not included in the overall tuition fee you are charged. Such costs can include fieldwork trips, travelling expenses for work or study placements, laboratory and equipment costs or DBS checks.

How to Apply

For information and advice on applying for any of the continuing education opportunities, please contact the Medical School directly at