Business Tenants

Are you an early stage life science enterprise with aspirations of growth? Growing life science businesses is at the core of what we do. One of the many ways that ILS can provide access to the help and support businesses need to prosper is to become a Client Organisation and rent an office suite in one of our buildings, especially built to provide an environment in which to develop innovative products, processes and services to benefit human health.

The ILS environment is intended to assist innovative organisations to grow quickly. It is anticipated that organisations will stay in ILS for 2 to 5 years, during which they will have expanded and be ready to move to larger suites or develop their own premises

Client Organisation is the name we give to those enterprises who are a tenant in our high quality incubation office space. As a Client Organisation you have will have access to the scientific and business support and facilities your business needs to grow, in an environment which encourages open innovation.

Further information is available on:

  • Current Client Organisations;
  • Business Incubation Suites
  • Application and Selection process