In memoriam: Ian (Yanto) Rees, Friend to many, 1963 - 2006

The Specs

Dr YANTO`S a star with the 007 SAAB Super Car

saab 007 banner

The Details


The James bond.


X reg The James Bond is fitted with all those essential gadgets to the modern secret agents 007 SAAB A specially developed turbo engine with Water Injection to raise the power. to 240 BHP - still from a 2000 cc provides a 0 - 60 MPH time of less than. .7 seconds ! 170 MPH plus 007 SAAB WAS BUILT IN 1982 that`s X REG GUNPORTS Tear Gas Outlets. .CO 2 gas - Operated compartment for Oxygen unit, incase the air runs - low. . Oxygen masks are with in the roof lining above him and passengers head. The SAAB was armour plating and bullet - proof glass around him to stop most. Kinds of weapons. Maybe an anti-tank gun might have some effect but certainly not Automatic gun fire.

Unauthorised Browning hand gun. .Ian`s 007 SAAB was easily converted from petrol to Gas .Head - Up display of his digital instruments. .Special designed steel - strengthened briefcase. A turn and slide and the Gun Port was open, the Gun Port was built in just below the Dash. Board. Black leather upholstery. .Remote starter unit. .Cruise Control. .Air Condition. .A fully built in sound system. .Radio Telephone. .Box section number plate that can be turned to any number. .Two front Halogen Lamps.
Special designed filter to stop any of gas from entering into the cabin area of the car. . Dunlop Denovos - puncture and split proof tyre`s will just seal themselves. . TH70 Nitefinders goggles to see without lights. .Stressed steel ram reinforced ramming bumbers. .V L 22H counter - surveillance receiver, a pen alarm set to a frequency which linked it to a long - range modification to his SAAB`S SAS 900 Alert System Standard fitting to his SAABS Communication Control System micro- facilities so that it operated as a homer .A small ultrasonic transmitter to protect his SAAB from Sabotage such as a bomb. .Hidden compartments with in the dash board. ..Browning and the unauthorised heavy Ruger Super Blackhawk 45 Magnum