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*A = Algebra and Topology Seminar
*P = Analysis and PDEs Seminar
*W = Welsh Probability Seminar
*C = Departmental Colloquium
*B = BioMaths Colloquium
*E = Mathematics Education Seminar
December 2019
Thursday, December 12th, 3pm, CF101
Thomas Wanner (George Mason University, USA) *C
A computer-assisted study of diblock copolymer dynamics
Monday, December 9th, 3pm, CF101
Oleg Butkovsky (WIAS, Berlin) *W
New coupling techniques for exponential ergodicity of stochastic delay equations and SPDEs
November 2019
Friday, November 22nd, 12noon, CoFo101
Nicholas Sale (Swansea) *PhD Seminar
Topology, Geometry, and Data
Friday, November 29th, 3pm, Zoology Museum (Singleton Campus)
Farzad Fathizadeh (Swansea) *B
Signal detection and spike sorting in noisy time series using higher criticism
Friday, November 8th, 12noon, CF101
Tomas Dutko (Swansea) *PhD Seminar
What is critical point theory?
Tuesday, November 5th, 1pm, CF101
Bernard Rybolowicz (Swansea) *A
On algebraic structure of a congruence equivalence class in a ring
Friday November 1st, 3pm, CF101
Xiaoyue Li (Northeast Normal University, China) *W
Explicit Numerical Approximations for Stochastic Differential Equations in Finite and Infinite Horizons: Truncation Methods, Convergence in p-th Moment, and Stability
October 2019
Friday October 25th, 12noon, CF101
Bernard Rybolowicz (Swansea) *PhD Seminar
An introduction to trusses
Tuesday October 15th, 1pm, CF201
Paolo Saracco (ULB, Brussels) *A
Hopf algebras, Frobenius functors and the Structure Theorem of Hopf Modules
Thursday October 10th, 3pm, CF101
Wojciech Cygan (TU Dresden) *W
Limit theorems for the capacity of the range of stable random walks
Tuesday October 8th, 1pm, CF101
Edwin Beggs (Swansea) *A
Quantum geodesics in quantum mechanics
Tuesday October 1st, 1pm, CF101
R. U. Gobithasaan (University Malaysia Terengganu) *A
Empowering Industrial Design with Log-Aesthetic Curves
August 2019
Tuesday August 13th, 10am, CF003 (LT2)
Fuke Wu (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) *W
An Averaging Principle for Two-Time-Scale Functional Diffusions
July 2019
Friday July 12th, 12noon
Yongqiang Suo (Swansea) *PhD Seminar
Transportation Cost Inequalities for SDEs/SFDE
June 2019
Friday June 28th, 12noon
Sara Hamis (Swansea) *PhD Seminar
Predicting in vivo treatment responses using an in vitro-calibrated mathematical model
Friday June 14th, 3pm, Zoology Museum
Stuart Humphries (School of Life Sciences, University of Lincoln) *B
Shape effects on microscale swimmers
Monday June 10th
- daily -
Wednesday June 12th
Workshop on Symmetries and Asymptotic patterns in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
Friday June 7th, LT2 (CoFo 003) 3pm,
Maria João Oliveira (Lisbon) *C
Umbral calculus: from the finite to the infinite dimensional case
May 2019
Friday May 31st, 12noon
Yini Du (Swansea) *PhD Seminar
Brief introduction for PDEs 
Thursday May 30th, 3pm 
Nicolas Dirr (Cardiff) *W
A stochastic porous medium equation with divergence form noise
Thursday May 30th, 2pm
Michael Scheutzow (TU Berlin) *W
Well-posedness and stability for stochastic delay equations: A generalized coupling approach
Friday May 24th, 3pm
Alexander Veretennikov (Leeds) *W
On ergodic Bellman equation for 1D controlled diffusion
Friday May 17th, 3pm, Zoology Museum
Miguel Lurgi Rivera (Swansea) *B
Eco-evolutionary assembly in meta-communities
Friday May 17th, 12noon
Shaoqin Zhang (Swansea) *PhD Seminar
An introduction to stochastic differential equations and associated partial differential equations
Tuesday May 14th, 1pm, CoFo LT2
Angelos Mantzaflaris (Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée; Université Côte d’Azur) *CM
Geometry and algebra for computational science and engineering
Wednesday May 8th, 3pm
Yue Wu (University of Edinburgh) *W
Randomized Numerical Schemes for SDE/SPDEs
Tuesday May 7th, 1pm
Florian Pausinger (Belfast) *A
Persistent Homology and its use in digital image analysis
April 2019
Friday April 12th, 3pm 
Byron Morgan (Kent) *B
Applications of Hidden Markov Models in Ecology
Friday April 5th, 12noon
Stanislav Stratiev (Swansea University, Department of Physics) *PhD Seminar
Quantum Field Theory and the Jones Polynomial
March 2019
Friday March 22nd, 3pm
Wojciech Mlotkowski (Wroclaw) *W
Fuss–Catalan numbers in noncommutative probability
Friday March 22nd, 12noon
Stefano Mereta (Swansea) *PhD Seminar
The fundamental theorem of tropical geometry
Monday March 18th, 3pm 
Andrés I. Ávila (University of the Frontier, Temuco, Chile) *P
Stability of solitons for ultracold gas mixtures
Friday March 15th, 4:15pm 
Alexander Belton (Lancaster) *C
From repeated interactions to quantum and quasifree stochastic calculus
Friday March 15th, 3pm 
Rebecca Tyson (University of British Columbia Okanagan) *B
Rethinking the predator-prey relationship
Friday March 15th, 10am
Berend Smit (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) *C
The Nanoporous Materials Genome in Action
Thursday March 14th, 3pm-5pm
Friedemann Brock (Swansea) *P
Leverhulme Lectures: Symmetry, rearrangements and isoperimetry - 2    Slides Video
Tuesday March 12th, 1pm
Jeff Giansiracusa (Swansea) *A
Multiparameter persistence vs parametrized persistence
Friday March 8th, 3pmZoology Museum 
Thomas H G Ezard 
(Southampton) *B
Does developmental plasticity facilitate speciation?
Friday March 8th, 12noon
Kayleigh Ward (Swansea)
*PhD Seminar
Introduction to Tropical Topology
Thursday March 7th, 3pm-5pm 
Friedemann Brock (Swansea) *P
Leverhulme Lectures: Symmetry, rearrangements and isoperimetry - 1     Slides Video
Tuesday March 5th, 1pm
Farzad Fathizadeh
 (Swansea) *A
Heat kernel expansion of the Dirac-Laplacian of multifractal Robertson-Walker cosmologies 
Monday March 4th, 12noonZoology Museum 
Alun Lloyd 
(North Carolina State University) *B
After the Honeymoon, the Divorce: Unexpected Outcomes of Disease Control Measures
February 2019
Thursday February 28th, 4:15pm 
Francesco Chiacchio 
(University of Naples) *P
Symmetrization and Neumann eigenvalues
Thursday February 28th, 3pm 
Christian Fonseca-Mora 
(University of Costa Rica) *W
Tightness and Weak Convergence of Probabilities on the Skorokhod Space on Spaces of Distributions
Friday February 22nd, 3pm
Tobias Kuna (Reading) *W
Realizability of correlation functions and applications
Friday February 22nd, 12noon
Bernard Rybolowicz (Swansea)
*PhD Seminar
Calculus on time scales. What is it? Why is it interesting?
Friday February 15th, 3pm
Noemi Picco (Swansea) *B
Modelling Across Scales in Development and Disease
Monday February 11th, 3pm
Jean Van Schaftingen (UCLouvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium) *P
Vortex dynamics for the lake equations
January 2019
Thursday January 24th, 3pm 
Feng-Yu Wang (Swansea) *W
Distribution Dependent SDEs