*A = Algebra and Topology Seminar
*P = Analysis and PDEs Seminar
*W = Welsh Probability Seminar
*C = Departmental Colloquium
*B = BioMaths Colloquium
*E = Mathematics Education Seminar
All talks are in the Robert Recorde room (CoFo 102) unless otherwise stated
December 2018
Friday December 14th South Wales Analysis and Probability Seminar (SWAP)
Friday December 14th, 3pm 
Chandrasekhar Venkataraman (Sussex) *B
Multiscale modelling of biological problems
Thursday December 6th, 3pm
Nikos Katzourakis (Reading) *P
Inverse optical tomography through PDE-constrained optimisation in L
Tuesday December 4th, 1pm
Farhad Babaee (Bristol) *A
Approximability of tropical currents
November 2018
Thursday November 29th, 3pm
Zeng Liu (Suzhou University of Science and Technology) *P
On a class of Choquard equations involving Kirchhoff type nonlocal term
Tuesday November 20th, 1pm
Martin Ulirsch (Frankfurt) *A
From algebraic to tropical divisors (and back again)
Tuesday November 13th, 1pm
Dan Rust (Bielefeld) *A
Aperiodic tilings and ordered cohomology
Tuesday November 6th, 1pm
Edwin Beggs (Swansea) *A
Positive maps and noncommutative geodesics II
Thursday November 1st, 3pm
Friedemann Brock (Swansea) *P
Isoperimetric inequalities on RN with respect to homogeneous weights
October 2018
Tuesday October 30th, 1pm
Edwin Beggs (Swansea) *A
Positive maps and noncommutative geodesics
Thursday October 25th, 3pm
Alkis Akritas (University of Thessaly, Greece) *P
Polynomial real root isolation using Vincent’s theorem of 1836
Tuesday October 9th, 1pm
Jeff Giansiracusa (Swansea) *A
Tropical geometry and scheme theory
Tuesday October 2nd, 1pm
Tomasz Brzezinski (Swansea) *A
Introducing trusses
September 2018
Monday September 17th - (daily) - Wednesday September 19th, Bay Campus,School of Management Room 122 Probability and NonLocal PDEs: Interplay and Cross-Impact
TuesdaySeptember 11th - (daily) - Friday September 14th, Faraday L Dragon Applied Topology Conference
Monday September 10th, 1pm-5pm, Faraday 314 Applied Algebra and Geometry Research Network: 6th meeting
All talks below were in Talbot 224 unless otherwise stated
July 2018
Monday July 23rd, 3pm
Pier Domenico Lamberti (University of Padua) *P
On the Lp Hardy inequality
June 2018
Friday June 15th, 3pm
Tommaso Lorenzi (University of St Andrews) *B
Partial differential equation models of evolutionary and spatial dynamics of cancer cell populations
Thursday June 7th, 3pm, Faraday F
Peter Gordon (Kent State University) *P
Gelfand problem for turbulent jets
Friday June 1, 3pm, Faraday F
Victoria Knopova (TU Dresden) *W
Analytic construction of a Markov process
May 2018
Tuesday May 29 - (daily) - Friday June 1, 10am-12noon, Faraday F
Victoria Knopova (TU Dresden)
Erasmus mini-course for research students:A short introduction to the theory of semigroups and its probabilistic counterpart
Friday May 25th, 3pm
Hirbod Assa (University of Liverpool) *C
Insurance on agricultural prices indexes
Tuesday May 22nd, 3pm
Jacopo Bellazzini (Università di Sassari) *P
Long time dynamics for semirelativistic NLS and half wave equation
Wednesday May 16th - (daily) - Friday May 18th, Faraday Lecture Theatre UK-Japan Workshop on Analysis of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
Tuesday May 15th, 1pm
Daniil Proskurin (Kyiv, Shevchenko University) *A
On C*-algebras generated by q-commuting isometries
Friday May 11th, 3pm
Sasha Dall (Biosciences, University of Exeter) *B
Genes as cues: integration of genetic and epigenetic information from a Darwinian perspective
Thursday May 10th, 3pm
Jaeyoung Byeon (KAIST, South Korea) *P
Variational construction of spike layer solutions to a singularly perturbed Neumann problem
April 2018
Friday April 27th, 3pm
Katerina Kaouri (Cardiff University) *B
The coupling of calcium signalling and mechanics: experiments and models
Tuesday April 24th, 1pm, Faraday F
John Harvey *A
Estimating the reach of a submanifold
Tuesday April 24th, 2pm, Faraday F
Fernando Santos (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil) *A
Topological phase transitions in fMRI brain-networks
Tuesday April 10th, 3pm, Faraday L
Miroslav Kramar (Inria Salcay) *A
Towards Understanding Complex Spatio-Temporal Systems
March 2018
Tuesday March 20th, 1pm, Talbot 45
Timothy Logvinenko (Cardiff) *A
P-functors and cyclic covers
Friday March 9th, 10am-4pm Applied Algebra and Combinatorics
Tuesday March 6th, 1pm, Faraday L
Gregory Henselman (Princeton) *A
Matroids in TDA: Combinatorial Perspectives on Persistence, Stability, and Computation
February 2018
Tuesday February 27th, 1pm, Talbot 45
Scott Balchin (Sheffied) *A
One-dimensional Quillen model structures
Monday February 26th, 2pm
Toshihiro Uemura (Kansai University) *W
A homogenization perspective on convergence of symmetric Dirichlet forms
Friday February 16th, 3 pm
Yevhen Suprunenko (Liverpool) *B
Mathematical analysis and simulation in ecology and evolution: A new model of isolation-by-distance that overcomes longstanding technical limitations
Thursday February 8th, 3pm
Fathizadeh Farzad (Swansea) *P
Curvature and Gauss-Bonnet type theorems in noncommutative geometry
January 2018
Thursday January 18th, 3pm
Faizan Nazar (Ceremade) *P
Locality of the TFW equations