*A = Algebra and Topology Seminar
*P = Analysis and PDEs Seminar
*W = Welsh Probability Seminar
*C = Departmental Colloquium
*B = BioMaths Colloquium
*E = Mathematics Education Seminar
All talks were in Talbot, Room 224 unless otherwise stated
December 2015
Friday December 11th, 3pm
Christina Cobbold (University of Glasgow) *B
Effects of spatial structure on a cyclic herbivore populations
Thursday December 3rd, 3pm
Alberto Farina (University of Picardie, France) *P
Some results on entire solutions to a family of nonlinear elliptic systems
November 2015
Friday November 20th, 3pm
Angelique Stephanou (CNRS and UJF Grenoble I) *B
A virtual tumour as a tool for Computer-Assisted Therapeutic Strategies
Thursday November 19th, 3pm
Sabine Bogli (University of Bern and Cardiff University) *P
Spectral approximation for singular differential operators via domain truncation
Friday November 13th, 3pm
Lloyd Bridge (Swansea) *B
Modelling the impact of plant shoot architecture on leaf cooling: coupled heat and mass transfer simulations
Thursday November 12th, 3pm
Valeriy Slastikov (Bristol) *P
Point defects in 2D liquid crystals
Tuesday November 10th, 3pm
Tomasz Brzezinski (Swansea) *A
Complex geometry of the noncommutative pillow
Tuesday November 3rd, 3pm
Jeffrey Giansiracusa (Swansea) *A
Exterior algebra meets idempotent algebra
October 2015
Thursday October 29th, 3pm
Janusz Wysoczanski (Wroclaw) *W
Rank 2 deformations of operators and relations with noncommutative probability
Tuesday October 27th, 3pm
Gwendolyn Barnes (Heriot-Watt) *A
Nonassociative geometry in quasi-Hopf representation categories
Tuesday October 20th, 3pm
Andrew Bruce (IMPAN, Warsaw) *A
Homotopy versions of Jacobi bundles
September 2015
Wednesday September 30th, 2pm - 5pm, Research Student Seminar

Topics on Semi-groups and Markov Processes
Lewis Bray (Swansea), James Harris (Swansea), Franziska Kuehn (Dresden), Elian Rhind (Swansea), Chenglin Shen (Swansea)
Thursday September 24th, 3pm
Marco Ghimenti (University of Pisa) *P
Lower bounds for Coulomb energy for functions in homogeneous fractional Sobolev spaces
Friday September 18th, 3pm
Feng-Yu Wang (Swansea) *W
Hypercontractivity for degenerate diffusion semigroups
Thursday September 17th, 3pm
Danielle Hilhorst (Universite Paris-Sud) *P
Mathematical analysis of a PDE model describing chemotactic E. coli colonies
July 2015
Tuesday July 7th, 3pm
Catherine Bandle (Basel) *P
Stability of solutions of quasilinear elliptic equations on Riemann manifolds
June 2015
Friday June 26th, 3pm
Raluca Eftimie (Department of Mathematics, University of Dundee) *B
Communication and aggregation patterns in self-organised animal communities
Monday June 8th, 9:30am-6pm Workshop on Abstract and Applied Perspectives in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
Erasmus 2015 — Swansea University and TU-Dresden Summer School for PGR-Students
Monday June 1st, 9:30–10:30am
Rene Schilling (Dresden)
Properties of Levy-type Processes 1
Monday June 1st, 11:00–12:00am
Franziska Kuehn (Dresden)
Moments and heat Kernels for SDEs and Levy-type Processes 1
Monday June 1st, 2:00–2:30pm
Michael Schwarzenberger (Dresden)
The Symbol of Affine Processes and Some Applications
Monday June 1st, 2:30–3:00pm
Nia Fry (Swansea)
Numerical Solutions of Reflecting Stochastic Delay Differential Equations
Tuesday June 2nd, 9:30–10:30am
Franziska Kuehn (Dresden)
Moments and heat Kernels for SDEs and Levy-type Processes 2
Tuesday June 2nd, 11:00–12:00am
Rene Schillin (Dresden)
Properties of Levy-type Processes 2
Tuesday June 2nd, 2:00–2:30pm
Julian Hollender (Dresden)
Unbounded Solutions of Non-local Equations
Tuesday June 2nd, 2:30–3:00pm
Jiao Song (Swansea)
Simulations of alpha-stable Driven Stochastic Differential Equations
Wednesday June 3rd, 9:30–10:30am
Rene Schilling (Dresden)
Properties of Levy-type Processes 3
Wednesday June 3rd, 11:00–12:00am
Franziska Kuehn (Dresden)
Moments and heat Kernels for SDEs and Levy-type Processes 3
Thursday June 4th, 9:30–10:30am
Franziska Kuehn (Dresden)
Moments and heat Kernels for SDEs and Levy-type Processes 4
Thursday June 4th, 11:00–12:00am
Rene Schilling (Dresden)
Properties of Levy-type Processes 4
Thursday June 4th, 2:00–2:30pm
Konrad Schubert (Dresden)
Mathematical Modeling of Drinking Water Consumption with High Temporal Resolution
Thursday June 4th, 2:30–3:00pm Aled Morris (Swansea) Individual variability in dispersal and invasion speed
May 2015
Friday May 22nd, 3pm
Jason Matthiopoulos (Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health and Comparative Medicine, University of Glasgow) *B
Why are species distribution models so poor at prediction?
April 2015
Friday April 24th, 3pm
Fordyce Davidson (Division of Mathematics, University of Dundee) *B
Swimming Patterns of Zoospores
Monday April 13th, 3pm
Andrzej Sitarz (Jagiellonian University, Krakow) *A
Noncommutative Moyal Sphere
March 2015
Friday March 20th, 10am–1pm Wallace 218, 4.30pm–6pm Room 224
LMS WIMCS–Bath Analysis Day Workshop
Friday March 20th, 3pm
John Lygeros (Automatic Control Laboratory, ETH Zurich) *B
Estimation and control of cell populations
Thursday March 19th, 3pm
Andrea Lecchini-Visintini (University of Leicester) *W
On the stability of receding horizon control for continuous-time stochastic systems
Monday March 16th, 3pm
Roa Makki (Swansea) *A
February 2015
Monday February 23rd, 3pm
Antti Harju (Regensburg and Queen Mary London) *A
Quantum orbifolds
Monday February 16th, 3pm
Olivier Gabriel (Glasgow) *A
Representations of compact quantum groups and classification theory
Friday February 6th, 3pm
Stephen Cornell (University of Liverpool) *B
Stochastic models in community ecology
Thursday February 5th, 3pm
Martijn Pistorius (Imperial College) *W
On a class of dynamic spectral risk-measures
January 2015
Thursday January 29th, 2pm
Martin Grothaus (Kaiserslautern) *W
Hypocoercivity for degenerate Kolmogorov equations and applications to the Langevin dynamics
Thursday January 29th, 3pm Matthias Erbar (Bonn) *W Gradient flows of the entropy for jump processes