*A = Algebra and Topology Seminar
*P = Analysis and PDEs Seminar
*W = Welsh Probability Seminar
*C = Departmental Colloquium
*B = BioMaths Colloquium
*E = Mathematics Education Seminar
All talks were in Talbot, Room 224 unless otherwise stated
December 2014
Friday December 5th, 3pm
Richard Law (University of York) *B
Dynamic models of size-spectra, and exploitation of fish assemblages
Tuesday December 2nd, 4pm Room 224
Robin Hudson (Loughborough University) *W
The sticky shuffle Hopf algebra in stochastic analysis
November 2014
Thursday November 27th, 3pm
Harry Zheng (Imperial College) *W
Utility-Risk Portfolio Selection
Friday November 21st, 3pm
Viktoria Knopova (National University of Kiev, Ukraine) *W
Construction and properties of a Markov process related to certain pseudo-differential operator
Thursday November 20th, 3pm
Tadahiro Oh (University of Edinburgh) *P
Invariant Gibbs measures for the nonlinear Schrodinger equations on the circle and the real line
Friday November 14th, 3pm
Gibin Powathil (Swansea) *B
Computational and Mathematical Approaches in Cancer Modelling and Treatment Prediction
Tuesday November 11th, 3pm
Edwin Beggs (Swansea) *A
Using persistent homology to study viral evolution
October 2014
Friday October 31st, 3pm
Ding-Xuan Zhou (City University of Hong Kong) *C
Some Mathematical Analysis in Learning Theory
Friday October 24th, 3pm
Jonathan Potts (University of Sheffield) *B
Towards predictive models of animal movement and space use: a case study of multi-species bird flocks in Amazonia
Thursday October 23rd, 3pm
Carlo Marinelli (University College London) *W
Maximal inequalities for L_q-valued stochastic integrals and convolutions with jumps and applications to SPDEs
Tuesday October 21st, 3pm
Grigory Garkusha (Swansea) *A
Framed motives of algebraic varieties (after V. Voevodsky)
Friday October 17th , 3pm
Vincent Moulton (University of East Anglia) *C
A quick trip through tight-span theory
Tuesday October 14th, 3pm
Jeffrey Giansiracusa (Swansea) *A
Tropical geometry and non-archimedean analytic geometry
Tuesday October 7th, 3pm
Tomasz Brzezinski (Swansea) *A
Differential smoothness of algebras
Thursday October 2nd, 3pm
Alexey Daletskii (University of York) *W
Phase transitions in a class of infinite particle systems