Sian Webster

Sian Webster, BSc Mathematics, graduated with a first class honours degree.

 Sian is currently a backend developer at Backbase, a multi-national company that provides digital infrastructure to the banking sector. She is based in Cardiff. After she graduated she did a postgraduate maths course at the University of Bath, where she achieved a Merit.

 Sian says “One major benefit of studying at degree level is that it gives you the freedom to learn independently. I really enjoyed that the course was structured to allow me to decide which areas I wanted to focus my education on. Every lecturer was incredibly knowledgeable and seemed very passionate about their subject.”

 She believes that “Studying mathematics helped me to improve my logical thinking and problem solving which are key aspects when working as a software developer. As part of my course, I was taught to use Mathematica which gave me an initial experience of programming and made me aware of a skill I didn't realise I had.”

 “Your course doesn't pigeon hole you into a career. University is more than just about what you have chosen to study, it's also an incredible experience that helps you gain life skills that can be applied to any situation.”

 Sian also loved living in Swansea. “Everyone I met was unbelievably friendly and always happy to help, both students and staff alike. I really appreciated having so many beautiful natural areas within walking distance, particularly the beach as it gave me somewhere peaceful to relax.”