Oliver Taylor

Oliver Nathan Taylor

MMath Master of Mathematics with Honours

Are you currently working?

Yes, at AJ Bell Securities Ltd, stock broking arm of pension provider AJ Bell, Reconciliations dept.

What are you enjoying about it?

It's a technical role that requires analytical and lateral thinking which is skill I developed during my uni course. It's a very demanding job that keeps me busy and so it isn't boring.

Is the job related to your degree? If so, how?

The role requires in depth analysis of client and firm positions. The role is also highly numerate, so I am applying thinking skills learned at university.

What did you enjoy the most about studying at Swansea from an:

academic perspective: The course was enjoyable and the tutors and lecturers were very accessible for queries. The course inspired me to have a continued interest in mathematics.

non-academic perspective: Swansea is a lovely city, the campus is fantastic and the SU is great with a huge choice of societies and clubs.

What skills did you learn from completing your programme of study (transferable skills) and how do you think they will help/have helped you to get a job in the future?

My communication skills are much better, as are my writing skills in both an academic and professional sense. Time management is also very good as the course was very coursework intensive with short deadlines.

What would your advice be to new students thinking of applying to study at Swansea?

Swansea is a great place to study, the SU is fantastic, the careers advice service is very good and academically the university is excellent. There is so much to do in and around Swansea too which make it a great university city. It's also great to see and feel the Welsh identity and language being preserved everywhere (even for a born and bred Englishman like myself). At university say yes to everything while you have the opportunity and the time. Also go and speak to the careers department in your first year! Do it! Don't wait until your final year, you'll have enough going on then without having to worry about that too! Also, set up a LinkedIn account while at university - lot's of placements are advertised on there and you won't know about them or be able to apply without an account . It also means you're all set when you graduate as you already have a LinkedIn account for employers to find you.

What was your experience of being a student at Swansea University, what are you currently doing and how have the skills you developed helped you?

My time at Swansea was without question the best four years of my life. I studied mathematics on the four year MMath course which was excellent. The tutors and lecturers are very accessible and are human beings, they talk to you like people. The general atmosphere of the department and university as a whole is very friendly. Support was always available academically, for careers advice, and general student support from both the university and the Students' Union was very good. I now work in a stock broking arm of a pension provider, in the reconciliations department. At university my communication skills, both written and verbal improved significantly and so I have been able to apply these in the workplace. It goes without saying that mathematics is heavily numerical and analytical and so these skills were also honed, which have been put to good use in my job. I was involved with several society committees whilst at university which has improved my delegation skills as well as my ability to manage expectations of others and of myself, an important skill when working in a team environment. Finally, I also worked part time during my third and fourth year for the Students' Union. This strengthened my time management skills as the course was fairly coursework heavy with lots of deadlines to meet, which has also been a useful skill to go in to the workplace with.