Further Mathematics Support Programme Wales and School Outreach

FMSP final

We are a group of mathematics researchers who are all passionate about enabling more students to study Mathematics. As part of this, the Mathematics Department is home to the Further Mathematics Support Programme Wales which supports the provision of teaching for both A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics throughout Wales. Together we organise many activities for schools, students and mathematics teachers which are underpinned by engagement with active researchers in mathematics. Our key activities include:

  • Further Mathematics tuition and student support
  • Supporting schools in offering Further Mathematics
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • School outreach

FMSP Wales operates through several universities across Wales and is managed by Sofya Lyakhova. For more information please visit www.furthermaths.org.uk/wales
The outreach is led by Andrew Neate.

Students with globeSince 2010, Swansea Mathematics Department has been the home of the Further Mathematics Support Programme Wales. FMSP Wales is funded by the Welsh Government and supported by Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI).  Initially a one year pilot project, it became an established pan-Wales programme underpinned by engagement with mathematics research and researchers in the Mathematics Department. The main aim of FMSP Wales as stated by the Welsh Government, is to widen access to A-level Further Mathematics in Wales and thus to facilitate a better transition to undergraduate STEM degrees.

FMSP Wales supports state-funded schools and colleges in all counties/regions of Wales by providing tuition for students who would benefit from studying AS/A level Further Mathematics. When schools/colleges have difficulties staffing/timetabling Further Mathematics, or have students wishing to study applied modules which are not part of the main provision offered by the school/college, FMSP Wales can provide all or part of the tuition for Further Mathematics.  

Examples of events for mathematics students and teachers include:

  • Revision events for A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics,
  • Mathematics Conferences for GCSE and A-level mathematicians,
  • Celebrating Women in Mathematics conferences,
  • Mathematics research masterclasses for students,
  • Support for MAT, STEP and AEA,
  • Short and long term teacher professional development in Further Mathematic, problem solving and mathematics extension papers.

The key achievements of the Programme are:

  • Improved attainment and participation in A-level Further Mathematics in Wales.
  • Improved the participation of girls in Further Mathematics in Wales. The proportion of girls with FM qualifications historically remains low across the UK.
  • Test model for an alternative subject provision at A-level. Although challenging, our live-online learning programmes developed successfully and deliver excellent learning outcomes.
  • Influenced changes in the school curriculum.