What do I need to do?

What do I need to do to comply with the university / HEFCW open access policy?

Open Access Requirements of Other Funders

Many Funders are starting to require some form of open access - look out for policies and possible funding when applying for grants. The details of their requirements may differ from the HEFCE policy.

Sherpa Juliet contains details of many, including quite a few medical charities. 

Open Access FAQ

What type of material is covered by the requirements for the next REF?

The policy covers journal articles and conference papers which are in a publication with an ISSN. No other type of material is required but HEFCW is keen to see universities make as much as possible open access and universities will get credit for going beyond the requirements.

Do I have to pay to make my work open access?

It is not usually necessary to pay. Most publishers allow the deposit of an accepted manuscript or postscript in an institutional repository, often with an embargo period. In some cases where you have funding you can pay the publisher to make your paper freely available straight away (gold open access). At Swansea we have central money available if you are UKRI (RCUK) funded which you can apply for via our APC page.

Please note that for UKRI (RCUK) funded research where you choose to use the green route (deposit of the final accepted manuscript in a repository, usually with an embargo) you must ensure that the licence places no restriction on non-commercial reuse, including non-commercial text-and data-mining. The licence should allow for the sharing of adaptations of the material. This means a CC-BY-NC licence, or equivalent is acceptable. A CC-BY-NC-ND licence is not compliant.

Does the requirement for open access mean that I need to change where I publish?

In the majority of cases you should be able to use your usual journals. HEFCW / HEFCE say that their aim is not to dictate where people can publish and there are some cases where exceptions to the open access policy are allowed (see section 37 of the open access policy). However, you should make sure you are aware of a publisher's policies before you choose a journal. In a small number of cases it might be advisable to change.

How do I acknowledge my funder?

Single grant

This work was supported by [Funder] [grant number xxxxx].

Multiple grants

This work was supported by the [Funder 1] [grant numbers xxxx, yyyy]; [Funder 2] [grant number zzzz]; and [Funder 3] [grant number aaaa].

ERDF (European Regional Development Fund)

Example - We acknowledge the support of the Supercomputing Wales project, which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) via Welsh Government.

Providing a data statement

If you are required to add a data statement to your paper you could include information in this format:

My paper contains data which are openly available

  • All research data supporting this publication are available within this publication.
  • Additional research data supporting this publication are available from [insert repository name] repository via [insert DOI].

My paper does not refer to underlying research data

All data underlying this study are cited in the references.

It is not possible to make my research data openly available

Due to ethical concerns, supporting data cannot be made openly available. Further information about the data and conditions for access are available from [insert repository name] repository via [insert DOI].

What are creative commons licences?

These set out how a piece of work can be used. There are various different types allowing for reuse, modification, commercial use etc. If you want to apply one to your research it can avoid people having to contact you for permission to use it. The creative commons web site has more information.

Are academic books likely to become open access?

Publishing models for books are complex and at the moment there is no requirement to make books open access. A lot of innovation is starting in this area though. You can read more on this post from our blog. If you would like to make a chapter from your book available you are welcome to put it in RIS/Cronfa if your publisher allows this.

How can I find out if my funder has an open access policy?

Sherpa Juliet has details for many of the main funders. Not all policies have the same terms as the REF policy so it is important to check what you are required to do.

How do I make my PhD open access to comply with my funder or institutional requirements?

Full text PhD theses produced at Swansea University are provided in Cronfa, the institutional repository.

Please visit our E-Theses Library Guide for information on the Library mediated deposit service.